About Us

Bodekpoint is a technology company that develops and manufactures advanced technological systems. The company recognized several years ago that many organizations carrying out field activities and controls still use, an archaic system and outdated technology of field inspections is still being used making the process frustrating, inaccurate, time-consuming, open to misuse, misleading, and environmentally unfriendly.

Many organizations rely on the service industry to maintain critical systems from calibrating healthcare equipment in hospitals to cleaning and hygiene in public places. The service industry relies on its workers to accurately maintain vital equipment, record correct findings and report the findings to managers communication devices.

This work is done far from the eyes of the managers. When the work is done incorrectly, or in case the recording is faulty more often than not the managers find out about it too late or not at all. This can lead to unnecessary human injuries and even loss of lives and great economic losses to all concerned.

What is bodekpoint ?

The only technology and method that allows managers, to receive up-to-date information regarding the area under their charge. Those in charge can see in real-time from their communication devices tasks that are being performed. No more pens, notebooks, registration pages or outdated technology. Work is performed in the right order and is recorded precisely in every step of the process.


Moreover, Bodekpoint was created Systems with the understanding that on one hand it is necessary to provide protection to employees and organizations against false claims that employees were not present in the required places, and on the other hand that organizations could prove otherwise.

Why Bodekpoint ?

  • Holographic barcode
    Unlike other barcodes that can be prepared using any home printer and open to misuse, our Holographic barcode cannot be copied/forged or moved to another location.
  • Employee Privacy
    In accordance with privacy protection laws and unlike others, our system performs injective non-GPS based locations as well as employee identification by taking the field workers picture during the scanning and not by biometric means.
  • Updating of work instructions
    Revision of work instructions while keeping your team members updated wherever they work so that you can receive real-time alerts when obtaining replies to critical questions.
  • Easy to use settings
    Easy to use tools for customizing your operations and requirements. You can create worksite points as well as roles required for quick activation. Easy installation/removal of checkpoints without infrastructure.